Schools are busy doing what schools do best – teaching the next generation to be educated, productive, and informed citizens. You don’t have time to spend on spreading the message about EITC, and that’s where FundEDU comes in.

Powerful marketing. More EITC.

Parents are worried about paying for their child’s tuition, and as a result may make the mistake of sending their child to a public school. Studies have shown that private schooling is more effective, and we believe more parents would send their child to a private school if they only knew about the PA EITC program.

That’s why we partnered with Cassus Media | Digital Marketing Solutions™ to help spread the word about the EITC program to more parents and schools around Pennsylvania. Their team of marketing professionals around the United States help us do what we do best!

Let’s spread the word, together.

Get in touch with one of our EITC professionals today to learn more about how FundEDU can help your school increase its enrollment numbers and make more parents aware of the EITC tuition assistance program!