Once we’ve established what you need to do to get started with the EITC program, our team gets started with the paperwork and laying out a foundation to help you get the most out of your FundEDU relationship.

We’ll do the work.

We’re in the business of helping students qualify for the most EITC tuition assistance possible. This means making sure that both parents and schools are aware of the program, educated about EITC, and the most tedious part – the paperwork and research!

Application Process

Applying for EITC isn’t just a single document but a process – one that FundEDU is prepared for! Not only will our team of experts help shape your program, but we will handle the paperwork involved in receiving funding, beginning with your application. 

Your Initial Application Process Will Include: 

An organization profile in the format set forth by Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development required for submission.

Documentation that the organization has a 501(c)(3) exemption from the Internal Revenue Code, or is included in a group ruling for exemption under 501(c)(3).

A thorough and detailed description of your scholarship program as operated by your organization.This will address all of the criteria needed for a scholarship program as set forth in the Department guidelines. This also included the application and review process and what income verification procedures are being utilized. 

Educational Improvements Organizations, different from Scholarship Organizations, but equally eligible for funding, have the following additional requirements submitted:

A written narrative description of no more than 5 pages of the innovative educational programs offered or operated by the organization. The description must address the characteristics of the program that qualify it as an innovative educational program.

At least one letter of support from each public school, signed by school officials from schools that have agreed to program participation, and any schools that will affirm to the value of the program to enhance existing academic program and curriculum. 


Reporting Process

Your organization is expected to submit annual reports to the Department. FundEDU will partner with you to take care of these responsibilities throughout the year so that you stay on track for yearly funding.

You play a vital role in keeping our communities safe and strong – and we are here to help you succeed.

This report is crucial for the success of the program and should be submitted on an annual basis on or after November 1st, applying to the most current completed fiscal year. This reporting helps show off the benefits of the program to everyone involved – the administration, the legislature and the citizens of the commonwealth, and is a yearly requirement to receive funding. 

Renewing Your Application

Once you’ve received funding, maintaining your funding is critical to a flourishing program.

FundEDU has the experience to navigate through the detailed paperwork required for schools to renew funding for their programs. From the renewal application document to the organization of your financial statements and tax forms required for your submission, our team will make sure your documentation is organized and submitted on time. 

Guidelines are constantly changing year-to-year, and our many years of expertise are here to work efficiently for you, so you don’t need to focus on updated requirements, regulations and dates.

Learn more about EITC today.

We’re ready to help schools and parents anywhere in Pennsylvania get started as soon as possible so your students can qualify for the most EITC tuition assistance possible.