Our team of EITC experts has been thoroughly trained on the ins and outs of how to help your children qualify for the most EITC tuition assistance possible.

We’re PA EITC experts.

With our growing team of EITC experts, we’ve been able to reach dozens and dozens of parents, schools, and other individuals with a vested interest in learning more about the PA Earned Income Tax Credit program.

FundEDU is the fastest and most effective way to get funding into schools through Pennsylvania’s EITC program, while helping families across the state afford quality education.

By offering help every step of the way through consulting, development, marketing strategy and management services for schools, our experts can help your school maximize annual budgets, taking the hard work and paperwork off your hands to get there.

By maximizing your school’s budget, FundEDU can help you pave the way to an effective program to aid students and how you envision the most success at your school. We’ll work with you to discover what your exact options are and a gameplan to get there.

Eligibility & Funding

How much funding am I eligible for?

As experts, we’ll help you understand the availability of funding options for your school in easy terms. Scholarship Organizations and Educational Improvement Organizations can apply for pre-approved funding through the state’s EITC program which awards $200 million annually to eligible nonprofits on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scholarship Program

What type of program should we offer?

Our team is ready to help consult on building the foundation of your school’s scholarship program. We’ll aid you in an approach that maximizes the benefit of your students and ensures you meet the necessary eligibility requirements for applications.


How do I successfully partner with our donors?

Reaching a successful increase in donations to fulfill your program is our expertise. We’ll consult with you to build your program, then directly with your donors to ensure the process is just as easy for their contribution. There are many factors in a strategy for your program’s donations, and our team is prepared to ensure your program is fully prepared to meet donor requirements, organize key documents for reporting, and communicate effectively with donors for continued participation in your program.


Student Enrollment 

How can EITC increase student enrollment?

The greatest benefit of receiving funding is putting it directly into your students’ education. By building a stronger access to quality education, a stronger community is built. Enrollment and awareness is a key component to the success of your program altogether – FundEDU will consult with you to create a marketing plan that spreads the message to not just donors, but to the families and students who benefit the most.

Speak with an EITC expert!

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